Saudi Arabia (KSA) E-Invoicing Solution

Make your organization E-invoicing ready with our SAP Add-on Solution

Why the need?

As of 4 December 2021, electronic invoices will be mandatory in Saudi Arabia. As a result of the resolution, resident taxpayers and third parties acting on their behalf are required to use electronic invoicing. All tax invoices (B2B invoices), simplified tax invoices (B2C invoices), and debit/credit notes are included.

KSA's e-invoice system, when complete, is expected to have a clearance model similar to that of India's GST invoice system: Machine-readable invoices will be cleared by the Tax Authority before being presented to the final customer. There are two phases to the e-invoicing regulation:

Phase 1

Using compliant electronic systems, a person is required to generate and store compliant tax invoices and notes in order to comply with the E-Invoicing Regulation.

Phase 2

Integration of the transmission of electronic invoices and electronic notes will begin on January 1, 2023, and will be implemented in waves by the targeted taxpayer groups.

Key Features

Our simple check-box interface makes it easy for users to enter their data and make you E-invoicing ready in seconds. This saves both time and energy that would have been spent on the tedious process of manually filling out forms and printing documents.

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