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Daily Production Shortage Report

In today's competitive world, identifying inventory shortages promptly and making production adjustments to prevent disruptions in manufacturing process is critical. Our product provides a comprehensive solution by providing real time insights to optimize production & drive profitability.

SAP solutions by Inteliwaves

Key Features

Predefined excel template for Upload

Single level and Multilevel BOM Calculation

Daily control on Material shortage

Highlights key materials that are at a risk of shortage

Optimizing brand costs and ensuring accurate profit calculations.

Business Benefits

Cost Optimization

By undeístanding mateíial availability, businesses can optimize píoduction planning which would optimize inventoíy levels, theíeby íeducing caííying costs.

Data Accuracy

System automatically calculates the íequiíed inventoíy, minimizing the íisk of human eííoís

Efficient Resource Allocation

Empoweís business to allocate íesouíces efficiently, optimize píoduction schedules, minimize waste

Scalable & Future Proof

Our product is designed to accommodate the evolving needs of your business, ensuring long term success & adaptability. Hence, this solution would work for new company codes or newly created plants as well

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