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Migration Readiness Assessment (MRA)

Monitor system performance in real time and use data-driven models to speed up and streamline migration while mitigating risk, efficiently invest resources, and make sure everyone is on board with business-critical KPIs.

Simplify Your Complex Cloud Migrations

The journey to the cloud is not without speed bumps. With the advent of cloud assets and networked devices, digital business infrastructures are becoming more complex. IT management is required to keep up. Even when they release control over some important technology, security teams need to ensure that their organization remains secure. Nevertheless, there are ways to navigate the process effectively.

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Key Goals of Cloud Migration Readiness Assessment

Cloud migration readiness is the process of evaluating which applications are suitable for a cloud migration and what the associated risks are. It is also important to consider whether it is necessary to develop new applications for a cloud environment.

There are key goals that need to be met before migrating an application or service to the cloud. These include:

Assessing Current Workloads and Identifying Suitable Workloads

Defining the Service Attributes That Will Be Migrated.

Defining Slas and Developing Plans for Monitoring Services During Migration

Designing a Migration Plan for Services That Will Not Be Migrated in the Short Term

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