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India GST E-Invoice

Inteliwaves GST E-invoicing e-invoicing solution gives you full control over the billing process, simplifies compliance, and helps to reduce the compliance burden by reducing the number of visits to the GST portal.

GST E-invoicing simplified

Inteliwaves' e-invoicing solution is fully integrated into SAP ERP, which means that your data is automatically synchronized through SAP between your invoices and your ERP system. It combines the best of both worlds - the advantages of cloud and those of on-premise solutions. It can be integrated with SAP as well as other ERP systems, so it is beneficial for various industries and companies. Providing a simple and easy way to manage payments, invoices, receipts, payments receipting process and reconciliations. Designed to save you time and money while providing a high level of security.

Why Inteliwaves?

Seamless integration between SAP and GSP/ IRP Solution for e-Invoice generation WITHOUT SAP PO/PI


Completely non-intrusive solution, i.e. solution will not impact any of existing process or configuration


Real time IRN Generation with ability to print invoices as per e-Invoice mandate

Cloud Consulting services by Inteliwaves

Pre-checks for IRN generation in SAP before GSP/ IRP are contacted

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