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Leading Gas Customer based in Nigeria​ SAP S/4HANA Rollout Project​

About Client

Client is the pioneer Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) production and distribution Customer in Nigeria using an innovative virtual pipeline system for supply of gas within Nigeria.​

Our Engagement​

Inteliwaves has been engaged with Client since January 2018. Inteliwaves is partner for supporting SAP Solutions at Client with onsite / offshore delivery model​

Key Client Requirements​

  • Client has a Bitumen business, where Complex & challenging Bitumen Business process Scenario should be mapped separately.
  • Import process in Client had lots of mapping gaps, which must be plugged in Gradient implementation
  • Mapping of Outbound freight chargeable to the customer is a new scenario
  • Mapping of InterCustomer Process, Transportation issue, Unit Conversion,
  • Handling ROB(Residual bitumen in the trucks) need to be mapped from Customer Invoicing & Inventory management perspective

Our Approach

  • For SAP S/4HANA Roll out project, we had worked with various stakeholders in planning various phases and activities for designed new Customer Code.​
  • Conducted workshops to enabled business users to understand how SAP solution work and enabled team to identify requirements during roll out phase​
  • Design SAP processes, configuration and testing of SAP System, enabling data preparations, SOP files and go-live readiness​

Value Delivered by Inteliwaves​

  • Delivered complex SAP S/4HANA Implementation Project within 8 weeks​
  • Hand Holding users with limited SAP exposure through UAT , Go Live Preparation & Post Implementation Support​