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Metro Brands automated Vendor Master using SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP)

About Client​

Metro Brands, is an Indian multibrand footwear retail company based in Mumbai. Metro Brands operates from a network of 600+ Metro showrooms in India.

Our Engagement​

Inteliwaves has been engaged with Metro Brands since April 2022 for project specific requirements such as rolling out Company Code, streamlining processes, developing custom solutions for business requirements, etc.

Key Challenges Faced by Client ​

  • The creation of Vendor Master Data relies on departmental emails sent manually to the master data team, which introduces a risk of missing emails.
  • There is a lack of clear transparency regarding whether the master data team has acknowledged and initiated the vendor creation process after receiving the email
  • The master data team’s valuable time is consumed by manually searching and processing emails, manually extraction data from legal documents.
  • The process of vendor creation lacks a TAT tracking mechanism, resulting in a lack of visibility and accountability for timely completion.
  • There is a possibility of creating duplicate vendors as well.

Our Approach​

  • We understood the current process & also listed all the challenges faced in the process. Based on which we designed our solution that leverages BTP capabilities.
  • Based on the requirement’s, data was automatically extracted from legal documents by using SAP BTP Document extraction service & duplication checks were placed.
  • The approver can view the data extracted along with the scanned copies uploaded, before a vendor is created.
  • Rule based logic was defined for various fields such as Reconciliation account, Payment method, etc.
  • The implementation of a Maker and Checker functionality for the created Vendor Master Data ensures a robust validation process and enhances data accuracy through a dual-approval system.
  • Once a vendor is created in SAP, all the documents initially uploaded are available in SAP DMS with reference to the respective vendor code.

Value Delivered by Inteliwaves​

  • We streamlined the processes, ensuring efficient, seamless integration and enhanced data management capabilities.
  • All essential functionalities related to vendor creation, including vendor creation requests, vendor master approval/confirmation, and TAT (Turnaround Time) reporting, are consolidated within a single transaction, simplifying the overall process and providing comprehensive control and monitoring capabilities.
  • By employing this solution, there is a transparent and accountable audit trail even before a vendor is created.
  • The system is designed to automatically trigger emails upon the submission of a vendor creation request, as well as after the successful creation of a vendor, ensuring timely notifications and improved communication.

Leading Women’s Fashion & Apparel Brand​ Business enabled through improved SAP Solution

About Client

Client is engaged into Fashion Clothing & Apparent business, it has design house, Manufacturing and retail stores over 170 stores across India. Head Quartered at Navi Mumbai.​

Our Engagement

Inteliwaves has been engaged with Client since January 2018. Inteliwaves is partner for supporting SAP Solutions at Client with onsite / offshore delivery model​

Key Client Requirements

  • SAP System Stability issue, significant SAP downtime and system performance issues with high number of incidents (~ 1500 incidents annually)​
  • Level 1 business support was non existent​
  • Significant issues with Master Data, especially Article Master Creation, Synchronization between AFS and IS-Retail  ​
  • Fiori for PO Approval taking very long to open single PO (~ 10-12 mins per PO)​
  • Highly manual and lot of challenges in transaction processing Inefficient Warehouse Management Process with redundant activities​
  • Financial processes were heavily manual requiring higher man power and supervision​
  • AFS Production Process were inefficient with missing controls and data validations​

Our Approach​

  • Started engagement without any transition from existing service provider, knowledge acquired through reverse engineering and system reviews.​
  • Started with more onsite team to understand business processes and train users to establish level 1 support team. Gradually moved to lean onsite team and  delivery from Inteliwaves offshore center at Mumbai​
  • Parallel to establishing Level 1 support and self study we started activities to bring stability of SAP Systems and Fiori performance improvements ​
  • After initial efforts for establishing level 1 support and system stabilization, there were series of System review conducted as value added service and provided with recommendation for process and solution improvements​
  • Introduction of automation to reduce manual activities and improve business efficiencies.​

Value Delivered by Inteliwaves​

  • System Stabilization with series of upgrades and changes, within 3 months we achieved Zero downtime​
  • Fiori performance improvement was delivered in first month of engagement​
  • Established Level 1 support to enable efficient business operation, this was done with a focused effort in the first 3 months of our engagement​
  • Master data creation process improvement through design changes and upload tools​
  • Warehouse management and product processes were reviewed and improved processes and controls​
  • Complete automation of e-commerce transaction through API integration​
  • Financial processes improvement such as Auto Bank Reco, Auto Bank Payment, Financial Controls, etc.​