About Client

SCS is engaged in manufacturing of Anti-Vibration-Systems for Automobile uses. ​

Our Engagement​

Inteliwaves has been engaged with SCS . Inteliwaves is partner for Implementing Transforming and Supporting  SCS SAP S/4 India​

Key Client Requirements

  • As per Incoterms agreed with customers, a sales transaction is said to be complete only when goods reached customer premises, until such time revenue cannot be recognised in books​
  • As per India Goods & Service Tax (GST) regulation, sales has taken place upon dispatch of goods and hence GST liability needs to be recognised at the time of dispatch of goods​
  • Revenue has to be recognized only when the “Delivery Obligation” is completed, i.e. customer provides a “Proof of Delivery” as per IAS 115​
  • Current SAP Solution is designed to recognize revenues on customer invoice generation and hence non-compliance to statutory audit requirements​
  • Reporting of Invoice wise POD confirmation & revenue recognition​

Our Approach

  • SAP Revenue Accounting and Reporting (RAR) is designed to fulfil this requirement. SAP RAR is add-on solution to SCS’s existing SAP S/4HANA solution.​
  • SAP RAR 1.3 was implemented as an add-on to existing SAP S/4HANA Solution of SCS &  integrated with SAP SD solution used for Sales Order, PGI and Invoicing process​
  • SAP RAR configured to process revenue for Performance Obligations (POBs) as required by SCS business, which is as follows:​
    • Customer confirms receipt of goods in their premises by way of acknowledging the proof of delivery​
    • SAP RAR will release revenue based on POBs completion​
  • Business rules for revenue recognition is configured using SAP Business Rule Framework Plus.​

Value Delivered by Inteliwaves​

  • SCS team has total control over revenue recognition based on POD confirmation received from customer​
  • Visibility of deliveries acknowledged and not acknowledged by customer, in case of delayed confirmation follow up with transporter/ customer can be initiated​
  • All the RAR steps (except POD Entry) were automated to ensure zero change management impact​
  • Statutory compliance achieved for GST regulations as well as IAS 115​

SUJAN CONTITECH AVS PVT LTD​ E-invoice & E-way Bill Solution Implementation​

About Client​

Sujan Continental is a JV between the Sujan Group & Continental AG. It provides cost effective anti-vibration solutions for the automotive sector.

Our Engagement​

Inteliwaves has been engaged with Sujan since July 2020. Inteliwaves is partner for Implementing E-Invoice and E-way bill solution. ​

Key Client Requirements

  • Automatic generation of  E-invoice and E-way bill. In real time basis​
  • The solution must be Implement as the Government target deadline and with satisfying all statutory regulation and norms.​
  • Widely range of Process, Pricing Procedure and Condition type need to be mapped as per current process of Sujan.​
  • Quick onboarding of business users spread across India​
  • E-way bill solution should be flexible for wide range of processes w.r.t Outbound delivery, Invoice and material documents.   ​

Our Approach

  • For E-invoice and E-way bill Implementation worked closely with stakeholders in planning various phases and activities for implementing SAP​
  • Conducted workshops to enabled business users to understand how E-invoice and E-way bill solution work and enabled team to identify requirements during implementation phase​
  • Deployment of E-invoice and E-way bill integration solution  configuration and testing of SAP System, enabling data preparations and go-live readiness​
  • Regular monitoring of SAP Solutions, recommendation and implementing continuous improvement measures to improve solution maturing & add business value at the time of Post Go-live Support.​

Value Delivered by Inteliwaves

  • Simple and User-friendly e-invoice & e-way bill process​
  • Solution works with  APIs of multiple  GSP Partners​
  • Real time  for E-Invoice and for E-way bill generation as per User requirement for SAP SD & SAP Finance Invoices. ​
  • Automated process of the E-invoice solution is made along with controls to check the printout facilities.​
  • Building Business controls such as not printing of Invoice without IRN, data validation to ensure error free IRN generation​